If you believe in moving from theory to action, you can join us bring  about change at the local level

Pragmatic Social Action (PSA) is a Kenyan registered NGO which operates nationally but specifically in Turkana County in North West Kenya, Taita Taveta, Kajiado, and Busia County.

Our Programmes

These broadly revolve around;

a) Livelihoods

1. Income security-  we engage county and central governments, people, communities, and organizations to foster income security projects for the rural farming and livestock rearing communities, vulnerable rural women, men, youth, and older people.

2. Mobilise cash transfer schemes to support faster recovery from climate-induced emergencies to enhance resilience and coping mechanisms.

b. Environmental care: We work to support circular economy by engaging the grassroots communities to manage wastes, particularly plastic waste; value chains, retailers, and the government to create a zero-waste circular economy. In this way, we contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

c Advocacy

We advocate for inclusive policy formulation and programming in the areas of

1. Climate Change –

2. Adaptation programmes, namely climate-smart agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya

3. Health: We engage for inclusive health services.

4. Water and Sanitation – we create community sensitization Against Sexual, Gender-based Violence, and Abuse

5. Inclusive development 

d. Mobilise for locally-led climate action

1. Tree planting among communities

2. Plastic and waste management and recycling

3. Adaptive climate-smart farming that leads to rural communities earning from their climate actions.


Is to innovatively act responsibly towards our internal and external stakeholders so that together, we build sustainable communities where no one is left behind, and at peace with their environment free from the threats of climate change impacts


Is to promote localised grassroots actions that will lead to healthy and sustainable communities

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