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AboutUs Environment and Climate Change
  • Mobilise communities towards locally-led actions in tree planting initiatives
  • Locally-led actions to tap into the Blue economy
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Circular Economy: Management of plastics and integrating wastes into the economy
  • Mobilise communities in arid and semi-arid towards adaptation of climate-smart farming initiatives

Accelerating Ecosystem Restoration and also we support grassroot organisations

vulnerable small-scale farming communities, pastoralists, and forest dependent communities to restore degraded landscapes.

Resilient Communities

We assist disaster-prone communities in Turkana, Makueni, Kajiado, Busia, and Taita Taveta to become more resilient to disaster risks, in the face of climate change, and environmental degradation
We enable individuals and communities to rise above adversity through disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, ecosystem management, and conflict risk reduction.
In Turkana and Busia, We are running a Moon-Bund Project (MBP) and Sun flower farming as ways to enhance the communities ability to curb global warming.
By establishing these projects, soil erosion control, soil moisture restored, restored their pasture, and able to plant tree to improve carbon foot prints.
Livelihoods are also improved

AboutUs Education

Our projects address conditions that hamper girls and boys in Turkana, Busia, Makueni, Kajiado, Taita Taveta and Vihiga not to transit from primary to secondary school and from high school to university.

  • PPT (Pads, Pampers and Towels)-continue to limit girls to access or complete schooling. Most end up in early marriages for a 5 USD kit
  • Smiling feet: Boys value shoes, and most fail to continue going to school because their parents cannot buy them shoes
  • Book-Support to rural schools -reading materials to help improve the reading capabilities and culture among the children.
Livelihood Income Security We support initiatives that secure means of living for
  • The vulnerable
  • The elderly – Weaving, soap making, beads, ropes
  • Those living with disabilities – carpentry, weaving and soap making
  • Women – weaving, tree seedlings

Our projects support these groups in imparting technical and vocational skills in carpentry, sewing, weaving, and tree nursery setting and seedlings, including gardening.

AboutUs Circular Economy
From home-garbage-home

A circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.

  • We work to raise awareness of the urban towns on appropriate solid waste management
  • We train and build the capacities of councils, towns and markets managers on the circular economy
    We liaise waste management and recycling firms
  • We help set up value chain from wastes-recycling-repurposing the waste and mainstream back into the economy
Advocacy Lobby, Campaigns, Publicity

We engage the Youths, Women, Elderly,Disability, partnerships and use several advocacy tactics to boost WASH services in communities


From farm to table: Value chain improvement