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Changing environment making things hard for youths in Funyula


My name is Michael Mang’eni, 25. I was born and grown in Namuduru village. I am married and a father of 3 children. My family owns five acres here and are peasant farmers.

A story From Michael Mang'eni

He is a 25 year old Born in Namuduru village

Over the years , I have seen our area becoming drier and drier with each passing year. Previously, I used to see rainfall come at least two times a year. There would be heavy rainfall from March all the way to June and then have short rains from late September to early December. My family would plant and harvest twice. In fact, the last harvesting would be due while the old stock yet toe finished from the granary. Things have however changed. Getting even a single harvest during what used to be long rains is no longer assured. The area has become very hot. Water ponds have all dried up and getting firewood even for cooking has become a big challenge for women

Making matters worse is the lack of jobs. As you can see, this area does not have well-established agroindustry. Jobs, not even farm jobs can be found. Poverty levels are high. My age mates are not effectively engaged by society and many end up drunkards of the local brews like changaa and busaa. Now, however, I am so grateful for the Pragmatic Social Action. The tree planting exercise that they have introduced in my neighborhood is going to help me. I am among the first people that got registered for training to establish the tree nursery. After the training,I will be establishing and managing the seedlings and selling them to the community members. This will certainly earn me money to support my family.